Kopin Lands $4.4M Defense Contract, Boosting Presence in High-Demand AR & VR Display Tech

Kopin, a pioneer in application-specific display systems for defense, enterprise, professional, and consumer markets, has announced a $4.4 million follow-on production qualification award from General Dynamics Land Systems. The contract involves supplying display systems for a significant armored vehicle upgrade program, solidifying Kopin’s position in the growing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) markets.

The upgrade program focuses on enhancing crews’ ability to identify enemy targets from greater distances through the implementation of advanced sensors and displays. Kopin’s display systems, which boast substantial improvements over existing-generation sights, enable the full potential of the new sensors to be realized by vehicle crews.

The award marks a crucial transition from the Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase into full-scale development, further underscoring the effectiveness, durability, and quality of Kopin’s display systems. Kopin’s display systems are comprehensive assemblies comprising microdisplays, electronics, and specialized optics contained within ruggedized housings. These housings can withstand the harsh operating conditions of the target platform. The program includes several variants of the display systems, and due to the high level of integration and planned quantities, the total Kopin production potential surpasses $100 million.

This contract with General Dynamics Land Systems signifies a transformative top and bottom-line impact for Kopin, as the company continues to stake its claim as the “king of microdisplays” in the AR and VR markets. The deal further demonstrates the increasing demand for advanced display technology in defense and enterprise applications.