Jon Peddie Research Releases GPU Market Report for 2018 Q2

Jon Peddie Research has released its quarterly Market Watch report. This is the latest report from JPR on the GPUs used in PCs, featuring the results of GPU shipments worldwide during the second quarter of 2018.

Overall GPU shipments decreased 1.5% from last quarter. AMD decreased 12.3% and Nvidia decreased 7%, while Intel increased 3%. Report highlights include:

  • The attach rate of GPUs for the quarter was 135%, down 4.6% from last quarter.
  • Discrete GPUs were in 32.8% of PCs, down 6.3%.
  • The overall PC market increased 1.9% quarter-on-quarter and increased 2% year-on-year.
  • Desktop graphics AIBs that use discrete GPUs decreased 28% from last quarter.
  • The second quarter saw no change in tablet shipments from the previous quarter.

JPR’s findings include discrete and integrated graphics (CPU and chipset) for desktops, notebooks and netbooks. The report does not include iPad and Android-based tablets, ARM-based servers or x86-based servers. It does include x86-based tablets, Chromebooks and embedded systems.

GPUs are traditionally a leading indicator of the market, since a GPU goes into every non-server system before it is shipped. Most PC vendors are guiding cautiously during the second quarter of 2018. The gaming PC segment, where higher-end GPUs are used, was a bright spot in the market in the quarter.

For those who wish to understand the PC market, an understanding of the highly complex technology and ecosystem that has been built around the GPU is essential to understanding the market’s future directions.

The report also contains worldwide GPU and PC shipment volumes from 1994 – 2023; detailed worldwide GPU shipment volumes, from the first quarter of 2001 to date, and a forecast up to 2023; detailed shipment market share data from AMD, Intel, Nvidia and others; and analysis of quarterly results from leading GPU suppliers.

Market share shifted for the big three and put pressure on the smaller two. Year-on-year, total GPU shipments decreased 4.9% — desktop graphics decreased 6%, while notebooks decreased 5%.

The PC market is showing more stabilisation and now seems to have shaken off the gold rush fever of crypto-mining. Overall volume slipped, albeit with bright spots for the market here and there.

JPR marks the first quarter of 2018 as the peak and last hurrah of crypto-mining fever. Desktop GPUs, which went into mining rigs, have dropped back to their normal volume. Analysts believe the market for AIBs for crypto-mining has ended and say this will likely be their last mention of it.

Tablets have also seen a slowdown from their peak in 2014. The forecast indicates that this one-time PC cannibal has saturated its market and will decline to a replacement status. It will also be cannibalised in turn by detachable PC tablets. The second quarter is typically down from the previous quarter in seasonal cycles of the past. This year, it decreased 1.5% from last quarter and was below the ten-year average of -3%.

Click here to learn more about this report or download it. JPR also publishes a series of reports on the PC gaming hardware market, including system and accessories, across 31 countries. More information can be found here.