Israeli Mantis Vision Presenting Real-time 3D Volumetric Content Broadcasting To Mobile Devices At Samsung CEO Summit 2018

Mantis Vision, a leading provider of advanced 3D mobile sensing and 3D volumetric content acquisition and sharing technology, announced it will use the company’s AR/VR/mobile technology and AR/VR applications running on Samsung mobile devices during a demonstration at the Samsung CEO Summit 2018 on October 11th in San Francisco’sMasonic Center.

The demonstration will include real-time 3D volumetric acquisition and real-time point cloud multicast streaming of moving people at 30 frames per second (FPS) to a variety of Samsung VR and mobile devices, along with other 3D systems.

“Mantis Vision’s 3D volumetric content acquisition/sharing/streaming technology enables a new level of amazing experiences for mobile, AR and VR applications that will be a key driver to fuel and accelerate the new 5G,” says Mantis Vision CEO and founder Mr. Gur Arie Bitan. “We are honored and thrilled by Samsung’s support and the opportunity to reach broad markets together.”

“The Samsung CEO Summit was developed to foster high-level discussion around key emerging technologies that will shape the future, and explore strategies to accelerate their adoption,” said David Goldschmidt, VP and Managing Director of Samsung Catalyst Fund. “We’re very pleased to welcome some of the world’s leading minds across science, technology and business to share the latest developments and insights, while also showcasing how these developing technologies will affect industries and create entirely new markets that will transform the way we interact with the world.”

Mantis Vision, which originally innovated high resolution structured light depth sensing, now introduces multi-depth camera synchronization technology to drive live 3D content acquisition and cross platform streaming. This enables the creation of premium AR/VR volumetric content spanning from mobile phones and AR/VR devices to professional scanning devices for studios.

Mantis Vision’s unique decoding technology offers significant advantages, including high-depth accuracy and resolution at varying distances, low noise, and strong resilience to motion artifacts, all at an affordable cost, creating opportunities for mass deployment and consumption of 3D content.

Founded and headquartered in Israel, Mantis Vision also has offices in the U.S., China, and the Slovak Republic.

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About Mantis Vision

Mantis Vision brings high definition 3D content to everyday experiences. Mantis Vision empowers consumers, application developers, and industry professionals to instantly capture and share high-quality 3D volumetric content. From 3D cameras on mobile devices to professional 3D scanners to live 3D volumetric studios, Mantis Vision technology easily transforms objects, places and live people into high-resolution 3D digital content in real-time.

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