Innolux Showcases Advanced Vehicular Display Panels

With the growth of smart car market, built-in touch screens in the car have gradually become the mainstream. Innolux Corporation (INX) is not only taking the leading role in the development of automotive display technology but also the main supplier to first-tier car makers in the world. INX will show diverse technology and application of displays at Touch Taiwan 2015 – International Touch Panel and Optical Film Exhibition on August 26.

A pioneer in automotive display technology world-wide, INX showcases advanced technologies

Vehicle-human interaction is the main direction and future development in the area of Internet of Vehicles (IoV). Currently, automotive displays are mostly used in the instrument cluster but in the growth of Center Information Display (CID) and Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE). Development of production Innolux focus on “instrument cluster”, “CID” and “RSE” are geared toward “large size”, “high resolution”, “wide viewing angle”, “high contrast” and “high color saturation” in full-color screens, which also feature “weatherproof” and “anti-reflection” properties.

At Touch Taiwan 2015, Innolux will present a series of automotive applications with “high resolution” and “wide viewing angle” benefits, including 8-inch center information display (CID) with high contrast and high color purity, 10.2-inch capacitive multi-touch RSE display (passed head-impact crash test certificated by global first-tier car makers), and 12.3-inch FHD automotive display which is the replacement of traditional pointer-dial dashboards.