Inx Panel Products Go Upmarket. Monitor Panels for High-end Applications Create High Added Value. First to Mass Produce 120hz High Color Saturation Notebook Panel

Innolux Corporation (INX) will showcase a series of high resolution, wide gamut, stylish and minimalistic notebook panels and monitor panel products, turning panel products into luxury designer items that enrich the digital high-tech living at the Touch Taiwan 2016 – International Smart Display & Touch Panel Exhibition at Nangang Exhibition Hall of the Taipei World Trade Center from August 24 to 26.

World’s first to mass produce 120Hz high color saturation notebook panel, embracing opportunities in online game development

The notebook computer is not only a necessity of modern digital living; its overall design is also an extension of a person’s individual style. INX will be showcasing a series of FHD and Touch on Display notebook panel applications. Perceiving the fast development cycle in online games, which is driving growth in notebook panels, INX has taken the lead to develop 120Hz notebook panels, becoming the first pioneer in the world to mass produce the 17.3-inch FHD TN 120Hz notebook panel. As the first 120Hz high color saturation panel designed for gamers, 17.3-inch FHD TN notebook panel boasts image quality equivalent to high-end monitor panels and smooth and anti-ghosting image playback features reduces ghosting and motion blur in fast paced games with quick movements, such as shooting games, and alleviates gamers’ eye fatigue. To gain an early foothold in the lightweight and thin panel market, INX will be showcasing the ultra-lightweight, thin and narrow-bezel 13.3-inch FHD AAS notebook panel, the world’s thinnest at only 1.7mm. The 17.3-inch UHD AAS notebook panel is only 4.0mm thick, making a breakthrough existing perceptions of the 17.3-inch panel being thick and heavy. It also features high resolution, high color saturation and 100% Adobe RGB, providing larger color gamut and more precise color reproduction for professional color users. The 13.3-inch UHD AAS notebook panelis also lightweight and thin, featuring 4K2K high resolution and a 2.0mm thickness. With regard to notebook panels with touch functionality, INX will be showcasing the 15.6-inch FHD AAS touch panel for notebook computers. The large format panel is thin and lightweight, and features touch functionality, meeting requirements of modern people for minimalistic design and convenience of use.

Evolved commercial displays, high-end professional applications, and monitor panels create high added value
INX monitors are developing toward bezel-less design and wide color gamut display, while also focusing on commercial display applications. By joining bezel-less panels to form a large screen, INX opens new frontiers in visual experience and exterior design. Development of high-end applications for monitor panels also drives the professional market to create high added value. INX will be showcasing three 23.8-inch monitor panels at the exhibition. While the 23.8-inch QHD monitor panel is bezel-less on three sides of the frame, the 23.8-inch FHD monitor panel is bezel-less on all four sides. By removing the constraints on design and applications of having to have an outside frame, products can be more attractive and lightweight. The panels can be joined together to create seamless large screen displays, expanding the visual experience; and a varied selection of LCD products with optimized functionality and stylish design can be provided. In light of continuing development toward wide color gamut technology in display panels, INX will be unveiling the 23.8-inch 4K2K AAS monitor panel with ultra-high resolution (4K2K) and wide color gamut. Vivid colors and ultra-refined image quality enable end users to enjoy a full multi-layer 4K visual experience. Applications of high color saturation and wide gamut panels encompass the gaming, consumer and professional markets, allowing end users to experience refined, vibrant and vivid images whether reading text, viewing photos or watching videos.