Invidis Digital Signage Conference

Florian Rotberg started the event by talking about his company, Invidis, which organises the conference. One of the key things that Invidis does is to track the “mood” in the digital signage industry and works with OVAB on this. Over recent years, the range of countries has been increasing .

Oliver Schwede covered the market development in DOOH and Digital Signage, with sales data on displays provided by Meko. Retail is the main application and the big change has been a move to start to address the SMB market. LG & Samsung have both offered new products recently for SMB digital signage. These products are based on consumer TVs, but have extra features and warranty to match SMB requirements with “hardening”. Schwede said that Invidis believes that these products will drive the market to double in the next couple of years as new users adopt digital signage.

Another area for development is smaller panels and there is a good demand for 10″ to 20″ displays in retail, Invidis believes, and in reality, a lot of desktop monitors will be used for this. Many of these displays will be sold through traditional retailers such as MediaMarkt rather than through the A/V or IT channels. In Public Displays, there are multi-levels of brand with Samsung, NEC, LG and Philips at the top, with second tier brands such as Panasonic, Sony & Sharp and then local and specialists such as Conrac, Eyevis, GDS, Dynascan and Elotouch. Finally, there are other companies looking at this area such as Huawei, Lenovo, Haier and Hisense.

The value of the DOOH market was