Introducing the Smartphone Projector 2.0

When I first saw the Google Cardboard 3D smartphone based headset, I remember saying out loud “that’s really clever, why didn’t I think of that?” Well, I just came across another new-to-me product of a similar nature that I similarly think is really clever and, once again, wonder why didn’t I think of that. The product under discussion is the Smartphone Projector 2.0 designed by Luckies of London.

Like Google Cardboard, the projector is made of cardboard, has a lens and is intended to enclose the user’s smartphone.

Other features of the Smartphone projector include the following:

  • Comes ready assembled.
  • Fits phones up to a maximum size of 80mm x 160mm
  • Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will fit inside this product.
  • Suitable for use with iOS and Android and Windows (version 8 and above) compatible smartphones.
  • Phone brightness must be turned up to 100% and, for maximum effectiveness, used in a dark room and projected onto a smooth, white surface.

The company specifically notes that the product is intended as a “fun gift and is not suitable for commercial or professional projections.” With this the case, we note a peculiar characteristic of the Smartphone Projector that derives from the fact that the device functions by reflecting the image on the smartphone through a glass lens. That is, any text appears in reverse.

The system can be found on-line selling for $25.96. -Arthur Berman

Luckies of London, +44 (0) 845 230 3533, [email protected]