intoPIX Announces Availability of TICO-XS IP-cores Supporting HD and 4K with a Low FPGA Footprint at NAB 2019

intoPIX, leading provider of innovative compression technologies, announced the release of their first TICO-XS IP-cores for Intel and Xilinx FPGAs. TICO-XS is the next generation of popular TICO lightweight compression, being standardized as JPEG XS at the ISO JPEG committee.

“We are proud to announce the release of our first TICO-XS IP-cores. Their microsecond latency, minimal FPGA footprint, and lossless quality make them a great enabler for broadcast manufacturers – particularly to build high quality and bandwidth-efficient SMPTE ST 2110 production solutions,” says Francois-Pierre Clouet, Sr. Field Application Engineer at intoPIX.

The release of the new IP-cores will deliver 8, 10, 12 bit capability, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 color sampling, HD to 4K at up to 60fps. Thanks to their extremely small footprint, TICO-XS encoder and decoder IP-cores fit onto the smallest Intel and Xilinx FPGAs, requiring no additional memory and enabling a firmware upgrade of existing FPGA-based systems.

Using SMPTE ST 2110-22, the solution enables live production workflows to move to networked IP and target COTS equipment. Compared to uncompressed video, JPEG XS will generate cost savings, allow greater network scalability, simplify connectivity and facilitate the support of HD, 4K and 8K with no impact on latency.

NAB visitors will be able to see the new TICO-XS IP-cores demonstrated on the intoPIX booth (C8626) in central hall. Thanks to its microsecond latency, high quality and bandwidth ranging from 100Mbps to 400Mbps for HD and from 500Mbps to 1.6Gps for 4K, it is suitable for any production workflow looking to replace uncompressed video.


TICO-XS IP cores for HD and UHD4K will start to be available for first integration after NAB with additional JPEG XS features and compliance releases foreseen during Q3 and Q4 2019 as the new standard is moving forward.

About intoPIX

intoPIX is an innovative technology provider of compression and image processing solutions for Broadcast equipment manufacturers. Their unique FPGA/ASIC IP-cores and fast SDKs enable users to manage more pixels, simplify connectivity, save cost and power and improve quality with no latency. More information on our company, customers, technology and products can be found on

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