Interactivity Everywhere – Samsung’s Office of 2025

Samsung, in its ‘Smart Futures’ report, claims that companies that fail to adopt new, smart technologies may not be around in 10 years’ time.

Samsung’s report was produced in partnership with The Future Laboratory, MIT, Google and IBM. It details Samsung’s view of ‘the office of the future’.

The company predicts that interactive smart surfaces on walls and tables will become screens at the touch of a hand, or even the sound of our voices. PC screens will still exist, but will be invisible when not needed. A new hand-signal etiquette will evolve in the workplace, as a consequence of the adjustments to gesture-controlled technology.

The trend towards remote working will fade, as the workforce of the future will be centred around smart offices. These environments will be designed to make staff happier, healthier and more productive, meaning that offices will once again become the preferred choice.

These offices will integrate smart systems that filter out unnecessary communications, helping workers to concentrate. Such systems will complete admin tasks, as well. Big Data will be in use, to match up team members with complementary skills.

The biggest threat to this smart future, says Samsung, will be our own reluctance to step away from the familiar. It is up to business leaders to take the first step.

Samsung’s report can be downloaded for free from