Intel Shrinks Realsense for Handsets

Intel Realsense_on_a_smartphoneIntel’s Realsense 3D camera has already been installed on monitors and tablets – Dell’s Venue 8 7000, for instance – and the company is now planning to bring the technology to smartphones. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich showed a prototype 6″ phone at an event in China this month, with a camera about half the size of the existing version. Intel plan to start deploying the new camera this year.

Analyst Comments

I had a demonstration of the Dell Venue 8 at CES and was surprised to see the range of uses for the technology, which looked really good. I found myself wishing I had the technology on my “best” camera. Having it on a smartphone would be the next best thing. It seems to me that this kind of depth sensing technology will eventually become pervasive. The possibilities for digital manipulation and processing once you know the depth of every pixel are endless. (BR)