Innolux : To Showcase Public Information Display at Taiwan’s First Outdoor Anti-pollution Exhibition


According to IHS data, public information display market has grown double-digit for three consecutive year ( 2015-2018) , while the first quarter of 2018 PID shipments exceeded a million units.

A jumping growth is expected in near future (table I). China local government policy stimulates the demand for public display, including outdoor video wall, interactive flat panel and retail shelf display, etc. PID could not only digest capacity but also bring in remarkable profit.

Dr. HC Tuan of Innolux Education Foundation called for action with 200 panel suppliers to vow for anti-air pollution. Dr. Tuan also inspired Chipolin Foundation and 25 well-known directors to record Taiwan air pollution appearance for the past 18 months. Starting January 4 to 31, 2019, Innolux Education Foundation is showcasing Taiwan’s first ‘No Haze Formosa’ film Festival at Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. The Film Festival will be the first of its kind to be held outdoors by building container houses. Innolux PID team customized PID display for container houses, including mosaic video wall, high-resolution display with touch function and so on.

Devin Lin, Sales Manager of Innolux PID Division pointed out that the PID market is customization-oriented. The popular size ranges mainly from 40 to 48 inches and 55 and 65 inches. Lin said the public display has premium price than TV panel and requires higher brightness from 1000 to 4000 nits to perform better at outdoors. On the other hand, smaller signage from 12-15 inch or 22 inch grow fast and could achieve 100 thousand pieces per year.

Innolux installed 43,26,24-inch installation art video wall to fit the outdoor container design. With hardware and S/I system experience, Innolux provided the best performance for 1 to multi panels integration. Devin Lin pointed out multi-series video wall is highly welcomed by types of bars, boutique, S to M retail stores in Europe/USA market.

In addition, Innolux rolled out 85-inch, real 4K, multi-touch PID at the container. The viewer may easily tap the AQI index and find out the current air pollution situation. Devin Lin says 85′ to 100′ PID featuring high brightness and high color saturation and providing eye-catching advertising or teaching applications is highly accepted at large store, stations, airports, and schools.

Devin Lin noted that large-size PID such as 65- inch is highly accepted in Europe/USA/China, while Eastern Europe is for education purpose.

Innolux at the meantime demonstrates 55-inches * 9 TV wall, by using 1.8mm width ultra-narrow bezel. It features low power consumption LED backlight, real 4K with HCG resolution, and long-term reliability. There will be no blanket of darkness phenomenon and could deliver the true 4K content and high color saturation. Chipolin and other 25 directors’ artwork will be broadcasted by the TV wall. The festival is expected to attract over twenty thousand visitors.

With high tech display from Innolux, and artworks from 25 directors, Dr. Tuan from Innolux Education Foundation urged the public to be conscious of environmental protection. Support carpool policy instead of car-driving. Less BBQ to make better and cleaner air. Act now to live a better life.

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