Innolux Showcases World’s First Flexible OLED Watch, Eye-catching Voice Assistant Combing Tablet And Circular Art Outlook

Touch Taiwan Display International is held during August 29 to 31 at Nangang Exhibition Hall.

IoT pushes the blossom of wearables, smart home, and Virtual Reality (VR). Natasha Chen, Associate Director of Mobile Product of Innolux, introduces the company’s achievement in consumer electronics and a series of personalized products. Innolux is revealing a booth named “Hi Display! Smart Home” to exhibit smart watches, smart home devices for living room to bathroom, and VR head mounted displays.

First Flexible OLED Watch To Demonstrate The Power Of Softness

Smart watches continue to be the major wearables which possess over 60% market share, though the growth tends to slow. Survey indicates that smart watches shipment could reach 71 million pieces in 2018 and 1400 million pieces in 2022. Innolux manufactures 1.39” 400*400P-OLED flexible smart watch with LTPS process. The flexible curve and could make a perfect bend and match the smart watch. Innolux OLED development team has over 200 members to work on from hard board at the beginning to current flexible OLED. Wearable OLED panel is the first application of Innolux’s flexible wearables and more products would be presented in future.

Innolux HRMD (high reflective memory display) is launched in the sport watch market. A 1.19 inch 240*240 sport watch features the HRMD technology will be shown in the exhibition. The power consumption rate is extremely low at static mode to make it suitable for outdoor use and smart wearables.

Eye-catching Smart Speaker Combing Tablet And Circular Art Outlook

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are the most popular digital assistants and prosper the market. Innolux applies the new technology to provide a stylish and modern design and create a new direction of the smart speaker market.
Innolux becomes a business partner of major American digital assistant brands:

  • 8” WXGA TID voice assistant: Built in Assistant with Innolux TID to connect mobile phone or remote app.
  • 3” 484*272 Curve Display voice assistant: A curved display is embedded at the lateral side of speaker, it could serve as a little housekeeper providing services from morning call to weather report. By ordering the speaker, it would be woken and connect to the cloud with wifi to provide you services like chatting, music playing, weather report and even news headline report.

10.1 Inch Smart Mirror Your Personal Stylist

10.1 inch smart mirror embeds Innolux TID to provide information via mirror surface, like weather, time, and date. It could at the same time record your outlook every day to become your personal stylist. Smart mirror currently targets smart home and is looking forward to be seen at commercial areas like department store and luxury residence.

Innolux Promotes The High End VR Head Mounted Display

VR items become hot but the main stream OLED design has some drawbacks like screen door effect due to the low resolution. Innolux technology development team applied unique LCD technology to solve this problem. By applying the new design and material, Innolux team broke the limitation of the fabrication process and successfully demonstrated a better display performance. The LCD sub pixel width is about one tenth wide of the hair. The high resolution VR LCD solves the screen door effect and provides more detail and realistic display quality. This high end VR head mounted display brings us into a more realistic and comfortable 3D experience.

Innolux exhibition information

Date: Aug. 29 (Wed.)- 31 (Fri.), 2018
Time: 10:00-17:00
Venue: 4/F, Taipei World Center Nangang Exhibition Hall
Booth #: N1314