Inlighten Sets Sail for Windows on Argo Thumb Stick

Argo is a digital signage player in a thumb stick form factor, from US-based Inlighten. Said to be the first such player running Windows, Argo users will have access to a range of management tools and content resources from Inlighten – the same as are available on Inlighten’s other Windows products.

Users can access a content management and creation system through Argocast, a hosted network, through the cloud. The Argo unit is configured to connect to Argocast automatically. The stick also accepts file extensions including .txt and .xml, RSS feeds and HTML. Social media sites, such as YouTube, can be included.

Argo plugs into an HDMI port and connects to the internet via Wi-Fi. The first units will begin to be shipped in Q1, and we expect more details to be available then.