Immersion-VRelia Shows VR Headsets at CES 2015

Immersion-VRelia, Inc. has developed a VR headset that uses a smartphone as the imaging device. The “GO” product, featured at CES 2015, is a housing that holds the smartphone and includes optics to display an immersive world.

While the company is developing several hardware-based VR solutions, it also recognizes that content will be the key to surviving in what is already a very competitive VR headset market. That is why the company is also focusing on its 360-degree immersive AlterSpace platform, which serves as a Virtual Environment, Content Marketplace, and VR multimedia center. Topping this content are productions from JauntVR, Specular Theory, 360 Heros, and premiere partner, ThinkUp.

At CES 2015, CEO Manuel Gutierrez Novelo told us that the company now has 60 applications in AlterSpace. Most participants are either SDK developers or content creators.

On display was the company’s GO platform that is now available for $89 through TigerDirect. This will support most Android and iOS smartphones, but the image quality will be determined by the resolution that a particular phone’s display can offer.

The GO is a bit different from others in this class in their use of higher quality optics with the ability to make focus and IPD adjustments, which means most people don’t have to wear their eyeglasses inside the headset. The movement of the optics features a clever design that is both simple and intuitive to use. The FOV is a wide 120 degrees, but can create a pixelated image, depending on the smartphone used.

Interaction with the content in a VR environment is always an issue. To address this, Immersion-VRelia bundles the Gamepad-F2 special edition from Viaplay with the GO. This fully featured smart gamepad is optimized for the Immersion-VRelia experience so users can enjoy and navigate The AlterSpace without having to physically touch the phone screen.

ImmersiON-VRelia  also demonstrated the BlueSky Pro, a ruggedized, wide FOV version. It comes with dual Full HD displays, and optics superior to any other offering in the market, noted Novelo. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a demo of this promising headset.