Immersion TouchSense® Technology Featured in Kyocera’s New DuraForce XD Smartphone

Immersion Corporation, the leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, today announced that Kyocera, a worldwide leading supplier of mobile phones, released a new mobile device, the DuraForce XD rugged 5.7 Android smartphone, with Immersion’s TouchSense® haptic technology.

This full-feature smartphone uses Immersion’s TouchSense Haptic Enabling Kit to enhance user functionality with touch feedback. Immersion’s haptic technology precisely controls the actuator(s) in the device to create nuanced tactile effects that simulate the connected experience of the physical world.

“Haptic technology provides confirmation and confidence and helps simplify the user experience by creating a natural and expected response to user interactions,” said Nobumitsu Shimada, Immersion’s representative director and country manager in Japan. “Immersion helps customers develop and deliver the highest quality experience. With our TouchSense Haptic Enabling Kit, we offer mobile OEMs the capability to create rich tactile feedback that takes digital devices beyond the lifeless interface of a flat screen.”

TouchSense technology allows device manufacturers, content creators and software developers to design high-quality, power-efficient, tactile effects that enhance mobile device user interfaces, apps and entertainment content.

TouchSense Haptic Enabling Kit for mobile OEMs includes haptic software and design framework, integration tools, reference guides, UX design services and support, as well as intellectual property rights based on Immersion’s comprehensive patent portfolio.

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