IHS Predicts 50% Market Share for Foldable Displays

More than half (51%) of total display shipments will be foldable units in 2020, says IHS. Global shipments of these devices are expected to rise at a 58% CAGR between 2016 and 2020, ending the forecast period at 180 million units.

The first foldable tablets and smartphones are expected to be launched next year. Benefits include increased lightness; decreased thickness; lighter weight; reduced brittleness; ruggedness; and greater portability.

LG and Samsung have both already introduced flexible OLED displays in their flagship phones, and Apple in its smartwatch. Flexible displays are now receiving a lot of attention, from both international giants and start-ups.

Analyst Comment

Since I first saw a demonstration of a genuinely foldable display privately at CES 2014, I have been convinced that new products enabled by this capability could radically invigorate the market. There are challenges in making the technology robust enough to survive consumer use, but if this can be done, the impact of large screen devices that fold to fit a pocket will be huge. (BR)