IHS Announces Touch Gesture Motion and Emerging Display Technologies 2015 Conference Agenda

IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS), the leading global source of critical information and insight, today announced the agenda for the company’s upcoming Touch Gesture Motion and Emerging Display Technologies 2015 conference, to be held on November 12 – 13, 2015 at the San Jose Marriot in San Jose, California. The conference agenda covers traditional and emerging touch technologies, including sensing types (e.g., projected capacitive, resistive, and optical imaging) and implementation types (e.g., in-cell, on-cell and GFF, OGS, GF2 and GG). It will also focus on high-performance displays, including in-depth analyses of manufacturing and display technologies and materials.

For the past six years, IHS has produced the Touch Gesture Motion conference, and for the past seven years, DisplaySearch, which was acquired by IHS last year, has produced the Emerging Display Technologies Conference. “The Touch Gesture Motion and Emerging Display Technologies 2015 conference will bring together the content of these two popular events into a two-day insight-packed discussion and networking event with executives from around the world,” said Ian Weightman, vice president, IHS Technology. “It is a popular platform for innovators, product developers, manufacturers, and leading brands to discuss aggressive market growth strategies.”

Conference agenda highlights include the following:

Day One – Thursday, November 12, 2015:

Finding New Dynamics for the Touch Panel Market

Smartphone and tablet applications supported the remarkable growth of the touch panel market during 2010-2013. The maturity of the market since 2014 is driving the industry to search new opportunities and shaping new competition. Besides new technologies from panel makers, sensor makers and controller IC makers, flexible, large and emerging applications have become the next dynamic technologies. Speakers include analysts and executives from IHS, Canatu, Intel Synaptics and Unipixel.

Going Soft – Are Keyboards and Mice Endangered Peripherals?

We are approaching a paradigm shift in the way work is done, with traditional outputs becoming inputs, and voice, touch, and gesture expanding to offer new ways to interact with everyday devices. Speakers include analysts and executives from IHS, AMS, Microsoft, Expero, MyScript and Kent Display.

Advances in FPD Manufacturing

Gain insight into how new FPD manufacturing technologies are supporting, and in many cases are driving, continuous display image quality and performance improvements. Speakers include analysts and executives from IHS, Light Polymers and JDI.

Touch User Interface Evolution

Touch screen use has changed user interfaces and our user behaviors over the years. Besides improving mature projected capacitive technology, the industry is thinking of enhancing the user experience of touch screens with new features and functions. Force sensing, touchless interaction, haptic feedback and biometrics are emerging. Speakers include analysts and executives from IHS, Flatfrog, Tactus Technology, Neonode and UX Research Immersion.

Day Two – Friday, November 13, 2015:

Design Driving Markets – Bend me, Break me, Completely Remake Me

Flexible displays have the potential to radically change how a device is used, to further blur the lines between categories and create whole new categories. How quickly can we move from bleeding edge to leading edge and mainstream markets and how is that going to change the device landscape? Where do flexible devices make sense? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Folding smartphones that open to large screens – fantasy or reality? Speakers include analysts and executives from IHS, Nanolumens, Marketer, Polyera and UICO.

Emerging Displays

Learn how emerging display technologies are enabling unprecedented performance, form factors and applications. Speakers include analysts and executives from IHS, Ignis Innovation, UDC, Polyera and FlexEnable.

Gesture Sensing and Machine Vision

While some smart devices are not suitable for touch screen use (such as smart TV with longer distance for interaction) and some emerging devices (such as virtual reality and augmented reality) have no flat panel displays, gesture sensing control becomes practical from a novel user interface next to touch screen. The sensor module of gesture sensing is also adopted as machine vision to explore new applications and possibilities. Speakers include analysts and executives from IHS, Hillcrest Labs, Synaptics, Elliptic Labs, Quantum Interface and AlSentis.

Barriers for AMOLED, QD and Other Applications

A critical component for many emerging display technologies, this session will analyze how barriers can either inhibit or assist the display and related industries. Speakers include analysts and executives from IHS, AMAT, Kateeva and 3M.

In addition to these formal conference presentations, there will opportunities for attendees to ask questions of the speakers — both during sessions and in networking breaks — as well as the opportunity to interact with sponsors at more informal programmed events. The conference includes complimentary breakfast and lunch each day, as well as a networking cocktail reception on the first day.

For more information and to register for the conference, visit the Touch Gesture Motion and Emerging Display Technologies 2015 conference website at To discuss the conference and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Bob Perez at +1 512 582 2015 or [email protected].