Ignis Claims HDR Mobile Display

While the resolution war has been going on among smartphone makers, other display enhancements have been largely ignored. Ignis aims to correct that oversight with its new ‘True Vision Display’: an HDR AMOLED display for smartphones.

Due to be shown at SID in June, the TVD uses Ignis’ MaxLife technology (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 22). MaxLife was developed to compensate for the ageing of the OLED materials and TFT backplane.

Ignis’ TVD reaches 1,500 cd/m² of brightness, which is very bright for a smartphone display – and especially for an OLED. As well as HDR, Ignis says that the display can achieve high frame rates and a wide colour gamut.

OLED-Info believes that the TVD may be the result of Ignis’ work with CSOT, announced last year, to develop a 5.5″ AMOLED MaxLife LTPS panel (pictured)