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Continuing to push the boundaries, Panasonic is pleased to add six new models to its award winning range of Video products, making it easier than ever to store, view and record content. Incorporating superior technology as seen in the 2014 range, notable new features[1] include Freeview Play, TV Anywhere and 4K networking.

Freeview Play

Standing out from the crowd, the new additions include Freeview Play which combines catch-up TV, on-demand services and live television to make watching what you want, when you want as easy as possible.Freeview Play is free from subscription and compatible with existing broadband services, making it an enticing addition.

Compatibility with Freeview Play means you can freely select from 60 or more live programmes and other unrecorded programmes from up to 7 days ago. These new additions are perfect for consumers who want to watch the content they want, wherever they want – subscription free. Those with more than one TV in the house may particularly benefit from these new models as they add services to additional TV sets. Inherently easy to use, a Freeview Play button has been newly added to the remote control, giving you one-touch access to the popular Freeview Play catch-up service for ultimate convenience.

Freeview Play will be available on compatible players from November 2015.

You can literally watch TV Anywhere

New to this year’s models is TV Anywhere[2] – a feature that can send recordings and live TV broadcasts over the internet to smartphones or tablets outside the house.Perfect for keeping up-to-date with your favourite programmes when you’re on holiday – even when you’re abroad!For ultimate convenience you can also record programmes both at home and while you’re away.The required Panasonic Media Center app makes the TV Anywhere recording and watching functions effortlessly easy to operate.

4K for the ultimate visual experience

The 2015 range provides 4K Networking (4K Video Playback, 4K JPEG Playback) so you can enjoy the ever-expanding world of stunningly detailed 4K content in your home.The BWT850, PWT655 and PWT550 further include 4K ULTRA HD upscaling which upscales Blu-rays into 4K images.If you think Blu-ray films look good already, wait until you see the 4K ULTRA HD upscaled version![3] These models also let you record 4K content[4] onto their built-in HDD and view 4K video recorded to SD card by Panasonic LUMIX cameras and camcorders.

High resolution audio playback is assured for high-quality sounds. The high-quality audio formats FLAC and WAV can all be played by Panasonic recorders.The sound performance is also boosted by the Pure Sound Mode[5] which restricts the movement during disc playback that can cause excess noise.

In addition to the newly announced features, these models also enjoy the well-renowned technologies from the award winning 2014 range including a twin HD recorder for recording multiple channels, multiroom TV Streaming and built in Wi-Fi to name but a few.

Full Recorder Line Up

Alongside its new Blu-ray and HDD models, Panasonic is also launching a new DVD Recorder to complete its 2015 line-up. The Freeview+ compatible DMR-EX97 can pause and rewind live programmes and is perfect for those looking to archive their contents on DVD or to the 500-GB HDD.

[1] The DMR-EX97 does not include Freeview Play, TV Anywhere and 4K networking

[2] Requires broadband internet.May not work over unstable networks or with some content.Only works on one device at a time outside the home.This function may not be applicable under unstable network condition or with some content

[3] To enjoy 4K ULTRA HD upscaling you will also need a 4K UHD TV

[4] MP4 (4K 25/30/23.97/29.97p) bit rate up to 100Mbps/Resolution up to 3840×2160.Only for the DMR-BWT850, PWT655 and PWT550.SD card playback is possible with the DMR-BWT850 and PWT655. Viewing by the DMR-PWT550, HWT250 and HWT150 is via USB connection.

[5] BWT850, PWT655 and PWT550 only