Hisense Announces VIDAA Max 100” Laser Cinema TV at CES 2015

TV – Hisense announced the development of another exciting innovation in home entertainment – the new VIDAA Max 100” Laser Cinema TV. The Hisense VIDAA Max 100" Laser Cinema TV brings an immersive cinema experience designed to exceed customer expectations in picture and sound quality, ease-of-use, price and environmental preservation.

The Hisense VIDAA Max 100" Laser Cinema TV features a blue laser diode light source offering 25,000 hours of viewing enjoyment with no degradation of brightness or color and no need to recalibrate the picture settings as with traditional lamp based light sources. The laser light engine is coupled with the Texas Instrument DarkChip 3 Digital Light Processing (DLP) platform. The DLP is a digital mirror device (DMD) which utilizes over two million mirrors to produce stunningly sharp, crystal clear, high contrast FHD (1920×1080) images with no motion blur.

The Hisense VIDAA Max 100" Laser Cinema TV has the connectivity (HDMI, Component and Composite) you need to view analog SD or HD and digital HD movies and shows from any source device. Connect your PC with the built-in VGA connector or view digital media via the built-in USB ports. The built-in Wi-Fi supports WiDi protocol for connecting wirelessly to your home network or mobile device. The Hisense VIDAA Max 100" Laser Cinema TV also features 5.1 Dolby-DTS with eight-inch subwoofers as well as it’s 5.8G wireless surround sound Bluetooth speakers.

Housed in a sleek console, the compact size and plug & play design of the Hisense VIDAA Max 100" Laser Cinema TV makes it simple to move from room to room and does not require a dedicated screen. The very nature of a laser light source allows you to project onto any wall (even textured walls) with superior picture performance. The Hisense VIDAA Max 100" Laser Cinema TV is unobtrusive and its wall-hugging design means you do not have to worry about anything crossing or blocking the projected image while viewing. Simple to navigate via the remote control, automatic source detection and auto-power off lets you sit back and enjoy a true cinema experience in the convenience of your home.

“Hisense is world renowned for its investment in and development of emerging technologies," said Dr. Lin Lan, EVP of Hisense Group, and General Manager of Hisense International Co., Ltd. "We are proud to bring the VIDAA Max 100’ Laser TV to the North American market and offer another example of our commitment to highly-efficient, low-power, high-quality products at an affordable price.”

Hisense strives to maintain a positive footprint for the environment. In addition to its uncompromised design, picture and sound quality, The Hisense VIDAA Max 100" Laser Cinema TV reduces the carbon footprint and energy consumption during the manufacturing process and is designed to be more energy efficient than traditional lamp-based front projectors and competitive LED and laser models. The product produces no mercury vapor and the use of the laser diode light source conserves energy using a fraction of the power required by traditional lamps.

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