Highbroad Forms Strategic Alliance with TCL

Hanbo High-Tech (Highbroad) and TCL have officially entered into a strategic partnership in a concerted effort by both companies to leverage their respective strengths display manufacturing. The agreement, which aims to combine Hanbo’s expertise in high-tech materials with TCL’s prowess in optoelectronic technology, focuses on several key areas. Primarily, the partnership will be in MiniLED backlight sources and materials.

Source: Hanbo High-Tech (Highbroad)

Both companies are committing to a preferential choice of each other’s products and services, aiming to boost market presence and share. TCL will provide competitive pricing and comprehensive support to Hanbo claiming that this agreement is a concerted effort to pool resources and expertise.

Hanbo has core proprietary technologies around light guide plates, automated assembly, and advanced mini-LED and OLED displays. For MiniLED, Hanbo has proprietary capabilities spanning the supply chain – from materials to light panels, adhesives, and structural components. For OLEDs, Hanbo has core technologies around precision mask regeneration and manufacturing.

Earlier this month, the company got to showcase its display developed and manufacture for the Geely Galaxy E8. BOE claims the manufacturing of what it claims to be the world’s first 45-inch 8K borderless smart cockpit screen with 98% active area combining driver and passenger functions into one continuous display. Hanbo claims the backlit screen.

Source: Geely