Hangar18 Awarded the EISA Best Buy Smartphone Award for NOA H10le

During the IFA fair held at Berlin, Hangar18 was awarded the EISA Best Buy Smartphone 2017 -2018 award at the gala evening in Hotel Kempinski Bristol. Mario Kralj, CEO and owner of Hangar18 recieved the award.

IFA is an international electronics fair that is held in Berlin from the year 1924. On this fair the biggest manufacturers of smartphones present their laptops, tablets, TVs and other devices that we use in our everyday lives.

In competition with other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Honor and LG, the Croatian firm situated in the town od Koprivnica has recieved a prestigious EISA Best Buy Smartphone 2017 – 2018 award for the NOA H10le smartphone. This smartphone offers the best value for money in terms of price, design, components, performance and functionality.

The members of the EISA “Mobile Devices” group are representatives of famous tech magazines from 11 european countres: Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Sweden, Greece, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Serbia and Croatia. Their votes were crucial in determining who will be the laureate.

The best smartphone award was given to Samsung S8\S8+, Huawei P10 was given the best camera award,while Honor 8 Pro was given the “consumer smartphone” award.

“It means a lot to recieve such an award from EISA, which has over 30 years awarded the best tech devices. Our model NOA H10le was awarded the Best Buy Smartphone award, which means you’ll recieve the best value for your money. We expect a lot from this award in regards to the opening of new markets, improvement of sales and the location of new sales channels. EISA has confirmed that we are on the right track, given us extra confidence, motivation and elan for tackling even larger companies” – Stated Mario Kralj, CEO and owner of Hangar18.


NOA is constantly working on developing new products, so even now new devices are being prepared for fall and the beginning of next year. At the IFA fair in Berlin, models N5, N8 and N8 Pro were announced. Models N8 and N 8 Pro will have a screen in a 18:9 ratio that fills almost the entire surface of the device.

NOA wishes to be a leader in the B segment of the smartphone market, not only through design, characteristics and functionality of the devices themselves, but also by the added value which is recieved by the consumer.

We have developed Premium Care – NOA Element 2 year guarantee for all models in our Element series. This guarantee covers everything, from breakings, falls, damages caused by liquids, burglaries along with all other damages you can imagine. The N series has already been announced, which consists of devices with the 18:9 screen ratio, along with the new flagship device for next year, that boasts four camera. Our devteam is currently working on the software since we want to enable the users of our devices a plethoran of new features such as video stabilization and DTS sound. We are also developing a NOA user interface that will be pleasant, interesting, functional but also unobtrusive to the end user. With that, NOA is setting new trends in the B segment of the smartphone market” – Mario Kralj.

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