Glass-on-Glass Lamination for Large OLEDs by Fraunhofer

Fraunhofer FEP has developed a way to fabricate flexible OLEDs on ultra-thin glass, and encapsulate them with an ultra-thin glass foil as part of the same process. These OLEDs will be shown at AIMCAL in Dresden from the 30th May – 2nd June.

Fraunhofer believes that OLEDs will become a more widespread light source if flexible large-area types could be manufactured for less money, and with consistent quality. Encapsulation is key to preserving the OLEDs. This was achieved by applying a high-performance adhesive over the surface of the encapsulating glass before it was applied (in collaboration with adhesive manufacturer Tesa SE). The layer is subsequently laminated to the OLED-coated ultra-thin glass. A 10 x 25cm unit, based on Nippon Electric Glass’ G-leaf glass, will be shown at AIMCAL.