Game Changing Glasses-Free 3D Technology Showcased at Greenlight Insights in San Francisco

TRONXYZ turned a lot of heads and made a huge impact at the Greenlight Insights XRS week, the premier annual gathering of senior executives, innovators, and honored officials offering insights into the future of immersive technology.

The conference took place in San Francisco and featured nearly a thousand respected leaders in the virtual reality and augmented reality industry.

The symposium served as a monumental event for TronXYZ. It was the first conference attended by its Mountain Viewbased team and gave the biggest virtual reality users, innovators, and investors a first hand look at the revolutionary state of the art technology offered by TronXYZ.

Eager consumers were more than enthralled with the endless possibilities that could be made possible with the futuristic software and technology associated with the TronXYZ Glasses-Free 3D products. Several members of the conference took note on the sophistication of the eye-tracking software which allowed the viewer to move at different angles while operating the device, another element that is not available in previous virtual reality devices. The devices also integrate new software that uses real time data taken from face mapping and optical parameter calibration to give the user an optimal 3D picture in quality, depth, color, and overall presentation.

The response and large fielding of questions from the conference attendees proves the high growth potential that TronXYZ has. The application of the glasses-free 3D technology in the entertainment sector was a favorite among many of the guests. Its potential in the spectrum of enhancing the movie experience was highly complimented and sparked plenty of interest. Another huge potential target for the TronXYZ technology is e-commerce, in which the possibility of applying glasses-free 3D technology will enhance the online shopping experience by providing the customer a better view of the product and its dimension prior to purchase.

The XRS week showcase yielded high dividends for the female led TronXYZ team in introducing the Bay Area to the advantages of a market changing product. It provided the team with a diverse audience of pioneers in the VR sector. Future VR showcases include the VR Arcade Summit in Orlando, Florida and a XR China Strategy forum hosted in Beijing the week of June 27th, 2019. TronXYZ looks to make an even bigger impact at these events.

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