Fujitsu to Host Fujitsu Forum 2016

Fujitsu today announced that Fujitsu Forum 2016, the company’s largest annual event, will be held May 19-20 at the Tokyo International Forum in Japan. The theme of this year’s Fujitsu Forum will be “Human Centric Innovation: Driving Digital Transformation.”

By transcending boundaries between companies and industries, and connecting people, information and infrastructure, Fujitsu believes it can contribute to creating new value for customers and strengthening their competitiveness. Fujitsu Forum 2016 will introduce the ways Fujitsu ICT can support society and companies in advanced initiatives and their digital transformations.

The rapid advance of digital technology is making our lives more convenient and prosperous, and is also having a huge impact on how companies conduct business, the economy, and even society as a whole.

In order to support customers’ digital transformations and help them create and develop new businesses, Fujitsu will hold Fujitsu Forum 2016 with the theme of Human Centric Innovation: Driving Digital Transformation. Fujitsu Forum 2016 will introduce a variety of front-line efforts at business transformation, as well as MetaArc, the digital business platform that supports them, in addition to such advanced technologies as AI, IoT, big data, and mobile technology. Moreover, together with its efforts at open innovation, Fujitsu will suggest places where innovation can be generated.

Overview of Fujitsu Forum 2016

1. Time & Date

10 am – 6 pm on Thursday, May 19 and Friday, May 20, 2016

2. Location

Tokyo International Forum, 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

3. Theme

Human Centric Innovation: Driving Digital Transformation

4. Expected Visitors

13,000 (admission is free)

5. Seminars

(1) Keynotes and Presentations (8 in total):

Fujitsu will present its top executives who will introduce the company’s vision and direction, and welcomes customers shaping the ecosystem both in and outside of Japan, as well partners who are leaders in the ICT industry and other notable figures who are scheduled to discuss the environment facing business and society in the future as well as the initiatives they are taking to generate innovation.

(2) Conferences (14 programs in total):

Fujitsu has selected 14 key words that are garnering attention in 2016, such as AI, security, and IoT, and will welcome invited experts, thought leaders, and representatives of companies and organizations that are leading Japan in respective fields, introducing the latest trends and specific case studies.

– Including Driving Digital Transformation, AI, manufacturing, finance, digital marketing, the environment, healthcare, cars and transportation, digital business platforms, integration, security, workstyle transformation, and IoT and big data.

(3) Seminars, workshops, and hands-on programs (49 in total):

Fujitsu will introduce solutions and initiatives to address a variety of issues facing customers, including customer case studies, to demonstrate how new ICT is put into practice.

Other programs to take place will offer a small audience the chance to discuss timely topics or areas of common interest based on specific industries or business tasks (such as on ways of working utilizing telecommuting), and there will also be programs that will enable participants to gain hands-on experience using actual devices (such as in building virtual systems using K5).

Note: Entry in to each seminar will be closed as soon as the maximum number of participants is reached.

6. Exhibitions (approximately 100 in total)

(1) The digital transformation of business and society

A new industrial revolution is occurring with digital technology as the driving force, transforming people’s lives, business, and society. Fujitsu will introduce the business changes that the shift to digital is accelerating while sharing examples of specific business transformations.

– Medical care and healthy lifestyles, financial services, daily life, cars, transportation and cities, retail and logistics, social infrastructure, food and agriculture, sports, digital marketing, manufacturing, workstyle transformation, among others.

(2) Supporting digital transformations with MetaArc

In order to achieve a digital transformation, efforts in both systems that create new value by connecting people and things (SoE(1)) and existing mission- and task-critical systems (SoR(2)) are necessary. Fujitsu will introduce ways in which MetaArc can seamlessly connect SoE and SoR, and help customers achieve their digital transformation through the latest ICT, such as the cloud, mobile technology, big data, IoT, and AI.

– Cloud services, big data, IoT, mobile technology, security

(3) Advanced technologies

Here Fujitsu introduces the advanced technologies that bring together technologies with the essence of Fujitsu’s DNA, which is the endless pursuit of innovative technologies and a strict attention to high-quality manufacturing.

– AI: Human Centric AI Zinrai

Zinrai brings together and systematizes the technologies and expertise resulting from Fujitsu’s R&D initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence.

– Supercomputers

(1) Systems-of-Engagement (SoE)
Systems that implement digital transformations, including business-process transformation and new-business development.

(2) Systems-of-Record (SoR)
Existing systems that record company data and perform business processes.