Freedeo Raises Lawsuits Against GetD and Le-Vision

Freedeo has announced that it has launched lawsuits against the parent companies of GetD and Le-Vision for patent infringement on the polarized 3D cinema system that they are currently manufacturing and sell.

The lawsuits were raised in the Shenzhen Court in China on the 24th March 2017 against Shenzhen Future 3D Technology Limited, owner of the GetD brand, and Shenzhen Levision Technology Limited, owner of the Le-Vision brand. The claim is that the companies are in infringement of China patent numbers ZL201220733230.5 and ZL201320549548.2.

In the lawsuits, Freedeo demands that GetD and Le-Vision immediately cease the manufacturing and selling of the infringing products, and destroy all inventory of finished goods, based on a successful ruling by the Shenzhen Court in favour of Shenzhen Time Waying Technology, the owner of the Freedeo brand.