Fourth of July Pricing Firworks on QLED TVs

Two big discounts this holiday weekend have been quite excited and curious about what they mean in the overall scheme of TV sales this year. The first is the Hisense 100″ U76 series 4K QLED Google TV which is being discounted by $2,700 (priced at $2,299.99) on Best Buy right now. Then, Samsung has its 85″ Neo QLED 4K QN90C TV for sale with a discount of $2,600 (priced at $2,199.99).

Source: Hisense

Apart from the absurdity of the 99 cents tagged on to each price – a fact which makes me want to buy one of these TVs by handing over one dollar notes and insisting on change – the interesting part is that Samsung’s 83″ OLED S90C is going for $2,999.99 at a $2,400 discount. So, in essence, we have a premium TV sales bonanza of about 50% off.

Who knows if it means anything or not. The analysts at DSCC and Omdia get paid way more than me to figure that stuff out, but it certainly feels meaningful to an online shopping expert ike me. I can outspend any analyst, any day, by the way.

First, Samsung is obviously trying to compete with Hisense on its terms, while also trying to keep pushing OLED TVs out the door in what seems like a bear market. Bargains and bargains and more bargains are the only thing that stirs the bear shopper.

Prime Day on Amazon is only a week away, and judging by the existing discounts, we are only really seeing the bigger percentage drops on 60-inch plus TVs. For other sizes, the best of the lot is a possible 25% discount on LG’s 55″ OLED evo C4.

So, how much further down can prices go by November when the really big deals should be happening? My tingling shopping senses say, more, more, and more.