‘Flip’ Through Pages With Active Haptic Feedback

Researcher’s from Queen’s University (Canada) have developed a prototype flexible OLED display using ‘active haptic feedback’ – that is, flexing – for control.

The 6″ display is a full-colour unit (1280 x 720) from LG Display. It is mounted on a flexible substrate, which extends 5cm beyond the screen to the left and right. These extra areas house the rigid electronics, as well as providing a grip space.

Bend sensors and a haptic actuator are used with the display, to provide feedback to the user. A port of Android 4.4 runs on the device, which is known as ReFlex.

Use-cases include ‘flipping’ through a virtual magazine – as can be done in the physical world – and bending the phone to control gaming sprites.

More information can be found at, and a video viewed below.