Flexible, Plastic and High-Res Displays Honoured by SID

The winners of the 20th annual Display Industry Awards have been announced. The winners will be recognised during a special event on 3rd June, as part of SID 2015. Each product was chosen for its innovation, commercial significance and potential for positive social impact.

  • Display: Samsung’s Youm flexible AMOLED display (gold) and LG Display’s 65″ UltraHD curved OLED TV panel (silver).
  • Display Component: Merck’s new LC materials for ultra-bright fringe-field switching LCD displays (gold) and Intel’s Realsense technology (silver).
  • Display Application: Apple’s 27″ iMac with 5k retina display (gold) and LG Display’s 1.3″ circular plastic OLED display (silver).