Flexible Mystery Phone Uses Graphene

Image: New China TV, YouTubeA company has shown a fully flexible smartphone, using graphene, at the Chongqing High Tech Fair in China. We heard about the demonstration at the Printed Electronics Expo in Berlin last week, but have been unable to find much information since then.

In a video – all that has been seen of the ‘phone’ – the device appears similar to the prototype shown by FlexEnable at MWC 2016 (FlexEnable Curves an LCD Around the Wrist). FlexEnable was at the Printed Electronics show, and we had a chance to ask them about the device; however, they had never seen it before.

According to New China TV, the phone has a 5.2″ display and weighs 200g. Mass production is planned to begin within two years. All that is said is that the phone uses graphene. We would guess that this refers to a graphene touch layer (and, likely, an OLED display). Other possibilities include a graphene-based substrate or an OLED display with graphene electrodes – but these technologies are, as far as we are aware, a long way from commercialisation.

The phone’s designer is described as ‘Chongqing Graphene Technology”, but there is no information available about the company.