First San’an Optoelectronics MicroLED Line Coming in 2019 Q1

Industry sources have revealed that China’s San’an Optoelectronics will kick off its first microLED epitaxial wafer and chip production line during the first quarter of 2019.

Initially, the line will produce small volumes of microLEDs for wearables, taillights and large-size displays. Green and blue chips are ready to go, while the development of red microLEDs continues, to bring them up to the standard required for TVs, and is expected to conclude in September 2018.

Earlier this year, Samsung and San’an signed an agreement to co-develop microLED displays. San’an has already developed 20-micron microLED chips, with 4-micron LEDs and 10-micron flip-chips in the pipeline at the new facility.