FCC “Vigorously Enforcing” RF Equipment Rules

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is committed to vigorously enforcing its RF equipment rules, according to Digital Signage Today. This includes stepping up prosecutions and substantially increasing fines for suppliers who violate the rules.

Since March 2018, the FCC has decided nine enforcement proceedings against LED light suppliers. Fines ranged from $15,000 to $61,000. With the FCC’s newly-implemented policy, future fines are almost certain to be even larger.

Compliance requirements increase when RF devices are imported, experimental devices are deployed, component parts are categorised differently (requiring unique authorisations for each part), certain frequencies are chosen, equipment is installed as part of a system and when RF devices are refurbished.

The FCC can find rule violations by viewing suppliers’ websites and other advertising, investigating trade shows and engaging in post-market surveillance of certified devices.

A more detailed version of this report can be found here.