Expectations Positive for Benelux Signage

OVAB Europe has released its digital signage market survey for the Benelux region over the March/April period. OVAB tracks these results with its Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI).

The DBCI rose to the highest level since the survey began, from 67.39 (in January/February) to 71.43 base points. The share of companies describing their current business situation as ‘good’ has risen (from 65.2% to 71.4%), while those calling it ‘satisfactory’ has fallen from 30.4% to 23.8%. There was a small increase in the companies calling their situation ‘poor’: from 4.3% to 4.8%. However, the amount is less than half compared to March/April last year.

Over the next six months, 76.2% of respondents expect business to be better and 23.8% expect it to remain the same; no respondents expect a fall.

85% of all signage projects in Benelux last year were small-medium installations, of up to 50 displays. These projects have higher margins and can be carried out successfully by most players in the market. Only 8% of networks rolled out in 2014 were larger than 100 displays – these projects generate high revenues but discounts eat into margins.

The retail, corporate communication and retail banking verticals were named as important businesses for signage companies in Benelux in 2014, generating half of all digital signage revenue.