Digital Projection Invites Visitors to ‘Experience the Power’ at ISE 2019

Digital Projection reaffirms their leadership position in the displays market with an ISE booth packed with innovation and differentiated products. Following on from the introduction of the world’s first 8K DLP laser projector last year, ISE 2019 will see an even brighter, next generation model on show.

digital projection ise2019

The world’s first and only Native 4K, Ultra High Frame Rate Multi-Viewer 3D projector will also be demonstrated alongside the 120Hz Radiance indoor LED displays and the most innovative, value-packed range of 1-Chip and 3-Chip DLP projectors to date will guarantee visitors to stand 1-F70 image perfection to suit every taste and budget.

The INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 Multi-View 3D projector

Digital Projection will use ISE to provide a taster of its ground-breaking INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 Multi-View 3D projector. Multi-View 3D projection is made possible by ultra-fast frame rates and high resolution; the idea being that a single projector will accommodate multiple viewers, each being tracked and each having a view of the image that remains appropriate to their changing position. This allows the users to see and interact with each other in a truly shared collaborative manner.

The possibilities for this technology are endless. Other than visualisation applications and virtual rides in theme parks, museums are another predestined application for this ground-breaking technology. A virtual tour of an ancient building or a lifelike experience of an invaluable object is now possible. Thanks to a personalised, pin-sharp view for each user, everybody can follow the explanations of the guide from their perspective. Every detail is displayed for each user from the right point of view.

The New, Brighter INSIGHT Laser 8K projector

insight laser 8k projector

As the world’s first commercially available DLP laser 8K projector, the INSIGHT Laser 8K sits in a class of its own when it comes to performance. Providing an ultra-high 8K resolution (7680 X 4320) of 33-million pixels through 36,000 lumens of solid-state laser-phosphor illumination, the company’s latest flagship projector is the ultimate solution for the most elaborate medical, scientific and immersive visualisation and large-venue applications. In addition to the resolution and lumen performance, it uses proven DLP technology incorporating 3x 1.38″ DarkChip™ DMD™ chips and Digital Projection’s ColorMax™ technology to ensure superb colour accuracy and black levels. These are especially vital imaging characteristics when matching projectors in tiled or blended applications.

From simulation and visualisation projects requiring eye-limiting resolution, to elite entertainment venues that demand the most immersive experience through large-scale imagery, the upgraded INSIGHT Laser 8K raises the industry performance bar once more. As can be expected from Digital Projection, the INSIGHT Laser 8K uses a cutting edge laser light source, so long-term image stability is second to none and maintenance costs are virtually non-existent.

Radiance LED

radiance led wall

ISE 2019 will also see the return of Digital Projection’s Radiance LED panels. With four different pixel pitches to choose from (Radiance LED 1.2, 1.5, 1.9 and 2.5), this Black SMD LED range offers up to 1,000 nits of brightness, a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a 120Hz refresh rate. With lifetime rated at 100,000 hours, Digital Projection’s new Radiance LED is built on a native 16:9 aspect ratio and is therefore able to achieve full HD 1080p imagery and Ultra-HD 4K, making it the ideal solution for various installations including retail, broadcast, command & control, visitor attraction, house of worship as well as rental entertainment applications.

TITAN Laser 33000 (4K-UHD)

titan laser projector

Digital Projection will demonstrate the latest incarnation of the TITAN Laser Projector at ISE by using it to create a seven metres wide projection surface that is sure to be a striking addition to the company’s stand. This particular TITAN is able to produce 33,000 lumens from a relatively compact chassis, making it the ideal projector for the most demanding of large-venue applications where bright, pin sharp images are required.

This class-leading 3-Chip DLP projector utilises the very latest in connectivity, including DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0 and HDBaseT. The advanced electronics also bring HDR processing to the large venue class of projectors, and features such as Constant Brightness Control and DMX Art-Net compatibility make it the ideal solution for high profile events and fixed installations. As would be expected for a projector in this class, the TITAN Laser 33000 comes with features such as Non-linear Warp, Geometry Correction, Edge Blending, Picture in Picture and much more as standard. This feature-packed projector also boasts a five year warranty, giving the user complete piece of mind when it is deployed in mission critical installations.

M-Vision Laser 21000 WU

m vision laser 21000 projector

Previewed at last year’s InfoComm, the Digital Projection M-Vision Laser 21000 WU boasts an unprecedented 21,000 lumens output and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, bringing budget-sensitive applications a large-screen imaging solution and near 3-Chip performance at a 1-Chip price point. The lamp-free, laser-phosphor projector is charged with ColorBoost + Red Laser technology to provide the most realistic and saturated colours at previously unimaginable luminance levels. Venues needing a powerful, yet budget-conscious large-format imagery solution without sacrificing on colour accuracy, as well as those contending with ambient light, will directly benefit from the M-Vision 21000’s class leading light output, contrast ratio and colourimetry. Its DisplayPort input accepts frame rates up to 60Hz, while HDMI 1.4b is perfect for Side-by-Side, Frame Packed & Top/Bottom 3D formats. Motorised shift, zoom and focus across the whole lens range offer extra flexibility and ease of setup.

E-Vision Laser 13000 WU

e visionl laser 13000

Building on the run-away success of the E-Vision Laser 10K which is known as a robust, compact and reliable workhorse, the E-Vision Laser 13000 WU has been updated with all-new ColorBoost + Red Laser technology as well as 100% sealed optics, complimented by an industry leading 5-year warranty. Borrowing advanced graphics processing from Digital Projection’s flagship 3-Chip projectors, it comes as standard with HDMI 1.4b, Display Port and HDBaseT connectivity, while accepting both commercial and domestic 3D signals.

ISE Show Partnerships

Digital Projection’s imaging excellence will also be put to use in various stands across ISE and not just on stand 1-F70. Five Digital Projection TITAN Laser projectors and two INSIGHT 4K Dual Laser’s will power the AV Stumpfl stand (1-H5, 1-H10), whilst the Navitar booth (2-A90) will feature a HIGHlite Laser projector. Digital Projection’s ISE neighbour Stewart Filmscreen will enhance its booth (1-F50) with an INSIGHT Laser 8K. Finally, DNP will be making use of an E-Vision 11000 and E-Vision 6900 that will be teamed with their SuperNova screens (1-E50).

Finally, Digital Projection’s COO and CTO Dermot Quinn will also be speaking at Blooloop’s attractionsTECH Conference on the future of projection for the Visitor Attraction market (Hotel Okura, 8th February from 9am to 1pm).

Visit Digital Projection at ISE 2019 on Hall 1, stand F70.

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