Eutelsat Shares UHD Viewing Preferences

Eutelsat presented its findings from a study on UltraHD viewing preferences in Europe at the Connected TV Summit in London last week. We were unable to attend, but Broadband TV News covered the event.

The survey covered multiple European countries, including Russia, and delved into willingness to pay as well as preferred screen sizes. This was an interesting statistic: no country’s viewers wanted a TV larger than 50″ (on average). The maximum consumers were willing to pay for a set was €5,700, in the UK. In contrast, viewers in Russia wanted sets of 46″ and below for between €1,300 and €1,400. Most countries fell in the €1,500 region.

In general, current pay-TV subscribers were found to be willing to pay a small premium to receive UltraHD services: for instance, in Germany consumers said that they would pay up to €30 per month, but in France that figure was only between €3 and €10. Free-to-air viewers in both countries were willing to pay €1 – €2 per UltraHD VoD title.

Polish pay-TV subscribers would pay up to €2.50 per month on top of their current subscription to receive UltraHD; in Russia, the figure was €1 – €5.

Pay-TV viewers were split in the desire for linear and subscription-based UltraHD services.