Eutelsat Result 27/10/2016

Eutelsat Communications posted Q1 FY16 consolidated sales of €384.8 mn ($428 mn), remaining in line with last year’s Q1 consolidated sales of €387.7 mn ($428 mn). The small decrease of 0.7% was attributed to negative perimeter effect and impact of foreign exchange rate (depreciation of US Dollar against the Euro). However, the figures grew by 0.7% on like-for-like basis.

The Video Applications’ Q1 FY16 sales at €224.3 mn ($249.4 mn), which contributed 63% of total sales, decreased by 2.2% as compared to Q1 FY15 due to lower revenues at Hotbird position and ‘Professional Video’. On 30 Sept. 2016, the total number of channels broadcast on Eutelsat was 6336, up 8.2% on a year-on-year basis. HD penetration continued to grow, both in terms of the number of channels and percentage of total channels.