Eton Institute Promotes Spontaneous Learning Through Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has become a top consumer trend, with a range of devices available on the market and the imminent release of the much awaited Apple Watch.

Eton Institute’s Language PhraseApps coming soon on smartwatches.According to a recent Nielsen report, one in six consumers are already using digital apparel, such as smartwatches and fitness bands, on a daily basis. These devices enable the user to access key information from their smartphones to their watch, such as browsing apps and making phonecalls.

Eton Institute, a leading international language and professional development training provider, is optimizing its language apps to the latest smartwatches, offering short bursts of language learning on the go. Users will be able to fully customize their learning journey, by selecting the language, words and expressions of their choice.

As part of its Mobile Learning program, Eton Institute promotes spontaneous language learning, through easy accessible and interactive content, available anytime, anywhere. “80% of our lives are spent outside of formal classroom learning environments, and without noticing it we naturally learn through our experiences and habits,” commented Sue Brett, VP of Sales & Marketing at Eton Institute. “By implementing regular learning bites in our daily lives, we can improve our skills and effectively retain essential information,” she added.

Since its inception in 2006, Eton Institute has always been on the forefront of Mobile Learning with the development of innovative learning apps and a range of programs, offering spontaneous, engaging and flexible learning 24/7. Its PhraseApps, accessible on all mobile devices and smartwatches, provide users the opportunity to customize their language learning journey according to their needs. Learning a language has become as easy as checking the time.

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