Epson Lowers Cost of UHD

Two new 3LCD projectors have been launched by Epson, bringing UltraHD imagery to an affordable price point. The EH-TW8300 and TW9300 (also available with wireless connectivity: TW9300W) output 1920 x 1080 natively, but use a pixel shifting technique (0.5 pixels) to simulate UHD.

An interesting feature, aside from the resolution, is the fact that each model supports HDR (we assume HDR10 but have been unable to confirm at publication time). They also have motorised zoom and a focus and a lens position memory.

As well as pixel shifting, the projectors support detail enhancement, which refines surface detail to produce more accurate imagery.

Both white and colour light output reaches 2,500 lumens, from a 250W lamp (lasting up to 5,000 hours). Epson writes that the projectors are capable of covering both sRGB and DCI-P3, but was not able to supply a coverage figure.

All projectors have manual vertical (+/-30°) keystone correction. The TW8300 also has +/-30° horizontal correction and +/-30% horizontal/vertical lens shift. The TW9300/9300W have motorised +/-96.3% vertical and +/-47.1% horizontal lens shift.

The projectors throw a 50″ – 300″ image (1.35 – 2.84:1 throw ratio) and have a 2x optical zoom. Ports are HDMI (x2), VGA, USB 2.0, RS232 and RJ45.

The TW8300 measures 520‎ x 450 x 193mm and the TW9300 models measure 520‎ x 450 x 170mm. Both weigh 11kg. Epson is selling the projectors in select markets now. The TW9300W, with a WirelessHD module, is the most expensive at $5,000. Next is the TW9300 ($4,800) and finally the TW8300 ($4,500).