EMEA Public Displays Healthy in Q2

The Public Display market in Europe was 21.6% up on an annual basis but was flat compared to Q1 in Q2 of 2014 according to Meko’s DisplayCast market research service.

“We’ve recently revised our PD forecast to be seasonal”, said Bob Raikes, principal analyst of Meko Ltd. “When we started the service, we designed our forecast model without taking seasonality into account, as individual projects had a big impact. However, over the last couple of years, the market has shown a distinct pattern of growing in Q4 of each year and the following Q1, but then being flat for the rest of the year. That has been the pattern again this time, with a big boost in Q4 of 2013, followed by flat sales in 2014”.

Looking regionally, the German-speaking region (DACH) was flat compared to last quarter, but up 21.6% year on year. The UK was up quarterly, while France was down. Given the difficult economic conditions, the surprising result was in the Mediterranean, where Spain, Portugal and Greece all had record results, so that the market was 53.1% up year on year. Russia and the CIS was down, but was not as badly affected as the DTM market. “PD projects have ‘momentum’, so we expect to see some lag in the decline in Russia and the Ukraine”, Raikes added.

Samsung is the top brand, and has nearly half the market, while LG just edged NEC into third position on a volume basis, although NEC retains second position on value.