eMagin Contract Dramatically Improved OLED Performance

In October (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 41), eMagin announced that it had been awarded three new R&D contracts, totalling $6.8 million. The company has now revealed that $6.45 million of that total is to go towards the development and production of an ultra-high resolution, high brightness, high contrast and full color OLED microdisplay, at a low unit cost. It will be executed over 30 months.

The contract is funded by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (USD AT&L). It will be administered by the US Army RDECOM CERDEC Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate Science and Technology Division.

On completion of the programme, eMagin will produce microdisplays with a brightness exceeding 10,000 cd/m