Eizo Is Not Amused

Eizo Corporation reported first half net profits of ¥2.96 billion ($26.3 million), down from ¥3.11 billion ($27.6 million) a year ago, on turnover which fell to ¥38.33 billion ($340.4 million) from ¥39.53 billion ($351.1 million). The company said that, despite better sales in the business and healthcare markets, overall sales were down due to a decline in demand for amusement monitors. In its results, the company indicated that the amusement segment was just under 25% of its sales in 2016, but just 18.8% of sales so far in this financial year. Healthcare is the biggest segment at 35.5% so far in FY17.

The company is developing a new building in Rülzheim, near Karlsruhe Germany, for integrated administration, R&D and manufacturing.