Eizo Result 24/05/2017

Eizo announced annual FY16 results with net revenues at ¥78.3 billion ($722.7 million) and net profit of ¥7.1 billion ($65.5 million), resulting in a net profit margin of 9.1%. The net revenues increased by 4.5% on a yearly basis while the net profit had jumped by 26.8% on a yearly basis as well.

The revenue from Visual Display Systems amounted to ¥55.0 billion ($507.6 million) and increased by 1.3% on a yearly basis, while the Amusement Monitors business recorded revenue of ¥18.0 billion ($166.1 million) and increased by an impressive 20.5% on yearly basis. The FY17 revenue is expected to be around ¥79.0 billion ($729.2 million) while the net profit is expected to be ¥7.5 billion ($69.1 million).