Eizo Adds 46″ For IP Video

Eizo Japan announced that it has developed a new 46″ monitor for IP camera use that can directly accept IP video and display it with ‘no delay’ to meet the needs of surveillance and security applications. The DuraVision FDF4627W-IP does not need a PC to operate and can support up to 16 IP cameras and has five different layouts to suit the application. A remote control or web UI is available for configuration.

Eizo FDF4627W IPEizo FDF4627W IP Image:Eizo – click for higher resolution

The monitor has a web API that allows automatic reconfiguration based on events. For example, the layout could be changed in a person enters the field of view of a camera or different configurations can be selected based on time. The monitor has Eizo’s Smart Insight visibility-enhancing technology, which automatically detects areas of the screen that are too dark and difficult to see and adjusts the brightness of each pixel. This is claimed to produce highly visible images by brightening dark areas and keeping light areas from becoming washed out, preserving a realistic sense of depth in the image. It also has Smart Resolution blur-reduction technology which corrects blurred areas without over-accentuating noise for a sharper image. In addition, noise-reduction technology minimizes the amount of block noise that results from video compression.

Brightness is at a high level of 700 cd/m² and contrast is 4,000:1 and a VA panel is being used. It also has a night mode and is rated for 24 hour operation.

Pricing was not available at press time.