E-Paper Display Market Growth Estimated at 40% CAGR to 2020 With US Leading Revenue Generation

The flexible EPD technology will drive the growth of the ePaper Display market in the future as it is expected to make the displays more durable with its light weight and flexibility. The growth is expected to fuel global EPD market as these displays will be used for more applications in devices with flexible display.

The penetration of EPDs in the flexible screens market will continue to increase during the forecast period.

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The research analyst expects the market to grow at a CAGR of 40% during the forecast period. The market is still in its growth phase and an increasing number of investors are showing interest in the market. The adoption rate of the technology is high among developed countries, with the US leading in revenue generation. The key vendors analysed in this report are E-ink holding, Amazon, NEC, Pervasive Displays, and Plastic Logic. And the other prominent vendors in the market are: Delta Electronics, LG, Qualcomm, Samsung, Seiko Epson.

This market research report includes a detailed segmentation of the global E-paper display market by application (E-book reader, mobile displays, public displays, wearable technology, and retail) and by technology (flat screen, curved screen, bendable screens, and foldable screens). It outlines the market shares for key regions such as the Americas, APAC, and EMEA.

Researchers say E-book readers are the leading segment in terms of application of E-paper display with a market share of 54.84% owing to huge popularity of E-readers. While Flat screens dominate the market segmentation by technology with a market share of 52.49% owing to maturity of the market. Americas is the largest market for E-paper display as high proportion of population is early adopters of E-paper technology in this region. Order a copy of Global ePaper Display Market 2016-2020 report @

According to the report, the EPD technology is compatible with every application. Though the major application of the technology is in e-readers, the technology can be used for advertising at public places and in-store. The technology is also used for the public display of various messages such as the schedule of public transport. An increasing number of companies are using it for products such as wristwatches and smartcards.

Further, the report states that EPDs are predominantly used in e-readers and the decline in the e-reader market has hindered the growth of EPD market. Globally, the shipments of flat panel e-readers have been on a decline since 2012. One of the major factors for the decline is the increasing usage of tablet and smartphone devices as a substitute for e-readers.

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