DxOMark Reviews Nokia 8 Camera

Camera review publication DxOMark has just published the results of its in-depth analysis of the Nokia 8 smartphone camera, concluding that it is capable of producing decent still images but, in many situations, it cannot match the image quality of the cameras in its competitors’ current high-end phones—this is reflected in its overall score of 68 points and photo score of 72 points.

In still photography, the Nokia 8’s images show good dynamic range when HDR mode kicks in and accurate white balance, but the level of detail is low and noise is very noticeable in areas of plain colour, even in bright light. In addition, Auto HDR often doesn’t trigger when it should and colour shading is noticeable in many images.

The lower Video score of 62 points is mainly due to low auto-focus and stabilisation sub-scores. DxOMark says the auto-focus in its test unit often did not trigger at all in low light, making videos shot in such conditions pretty much unusable and, with its strong overcompensation for handheld motion and deformation, the stabilisation system performs on a level similar to those seen in devices from a few years ago.