Printed OLED Trials Begin This Year, Says DuPont

DuPont’s 4.3″ printed OLED prototype

DuPont’s David Flattery, director of operations at the OLED unit, has spoken to OLED-Info about the company’s work on materials and techniques.

The full interview can be found at, but we have detailed some key points below:

  • DuPont is still working on both solution-processed and technologies based on evaporation, as well as its own proprietary nozzle-printing process.
  • While 2017 is the commonly-cited year for printed OLED TV mass-production, DuPont said that it knows of a large manufacturer that will pilot solution-processed OLED displays, up to G8, this year.
  • Performance of soluble OLEDs has been increased until they are now comparable to those produced using vapour-deposition.