DLI Tablets Withstand Rough Treatment

US-based DLI has produced two new rugged tablet PCs, which are shock-resistant and equipped to take payments. The DLI 8 (8″) and DLI 10 (9.7″) are IP54-certified. Both feature optional 3-in-1 or 5-in-1 modules; these enable the units to accept payments through magstripe, EMV, debit pin pad or contactless methods. The impact-resistant housing can withstand a 1.2m drop. Both tablets are vibration-resistant, will operate in temperatures between -10° and 50° and can continue working after receiving a 30G shock.

Various accessories are available. These include a desktop cradle, vehicle cradle, sevenbay ethernet cradle and single bay battery charger. Both tablets feature a removable 3,950mAh battery pack (averaging six hours of operation).

Both tablets feature 1024 x 768 resolution, with a 1.86GHz quad-core Intel Bay Trail processor (N2930). They are fitted with procap touch and feature HDMI, VGA (for passthrough to cradle) and USB (x2) inputs. They have 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

The 8″ model has an 800:1 contrast ratio and 400 cd/m² of brightness, while the 9.7″ has a 900:1 contrast ratio and 350 cd/m².