DisplayLink Unveils Quad 4K DL-6910 Chipset at CES 2019

DisplayLink, the leading provider of USB graphics and Wireless VR technology announced a new chipset enabling quad-4K monitor productivity.

The new DL-6910 chipset will be showcased during CES 2019 at the DisplayLink booth in LVCC South Hall 3, #30750. Along with the very latest in docking station technology, DisplayLink will be unveiling new concepts for wireless meeting rooms and 4K digital signage.

The DL-6910 enables up to four extended displays to be connected to a computer via HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort at resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 at 60fps. With integrated Gigabit ethernet and audio, the DL-6910 will live at the heart of upcoming docking stations geared to enhancing 4K display productivity. Like all DisplayLink docking chipsets, the DL-6910 enables connectivity to any host PC via USB (type A or C) and USB-over-Thunderbolt, simplifying IT infrastructure rollouts and hot-desking setups. The chipset offers support for Windows 7, Windows 10, ChromeOS, OSX and Ubuntu Linux along with easy-to-use tools for centralized corporate deployment.

“DisplayLink continues to push the boundaries for office productivity,” said John Cummins, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We’ve always provided daisy-chain capability allowing users to scale the number of displays they need by connecting multiple docks, but the latest DL-6910 simplifies setup by allowing partners to build a single, fully-integrated docking station offering the ultimate in 4K display connectivity and productivity in a small form factor. The result is an elegant, clean workspace environment for enterprises and shared-desk users.”

The DL-6950 is on display at DisplayLink’s CES booth showcasing quad 4K p60 on the forthcoming Targus Dock570. For more information visit DisplayLink’s CES booth at Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall #30750, or book a meeting at [email protected].

About DisplayLink – Plug and Display Solutions

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