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In order to keep abreast of issues within the desktop monitor marketplace, it is vital to receive the right information. Meko has recognised that it is essential for any display marketeer to receive information that is forward looking and which covers a wide scope. Quite often, historical volume information alone can leave you feeling as though you’re ‘trying to drive with the rear view mirror’

Subscribers to our DisplayCast Desktop Monitor Services benefit from a wide-range of marketing information – from pricing details and brand impact tracking to analyses of key market and technology issues. The Desktop Monitor service also includes sales data for Multi-Function Monitors (MFMs) which include tuners.

The Marketing Resource for Desktop Monitor Marketeers

The DisplayCast Desktop Monitors Range

The DisplayCast service provides comprehensive, actionable information designed to help plan current and future sales and marketing strategies. Available from just one source for a single, fully inclusive fee, the service focuses on the pan-European market by region and will act as your very own virtual market research department.

Subscribers to DisplayCast benefit from a wide range of marketing information – from pricing details to analysis of key market issues. The information is delivered regularly throughout the year. Details of products and prices can be obtained from Meko’s own database.

There are multiple levels of acces:

      • Lite for those that are just looking for a summary,
      • Standard for those looking for a ‘data only’ service, and
      • Strategy for clients wanting Meko’s value added analysis.

The Meko DisplayCast service is a revolution in data access. Meko is making available its full product (>10,000 LCD entries) and price databases (around 1,500,000 entries in total) through its MekoQlik analysis tool. MekoQlik is a powerful piece of software that instantly allows you to see the data you want in the format you prefer. The very latest Meko data is available to you through MekoQlik, making sure your business has the analysis it needs at any time.

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