Digitimes Research: Flexible OLED Demand to Pick Up in 2019

Digitimes Research predicts that demand for flexible OLED panels will rise in 2019, following the launch of foldable smartphones from Samsung and other handset manufacturers.

BOE and LG are among the OLED panel-makers competing with Samsung, which still holds a large share of the market. However, Digitimes surmises that manufacturers still have technological issues to overcome, even with inward-folding displays, which pose less challenges than outward-folding screens.

These challenges include taking the necessary measures to strengthen flexible panels based on the number of times they need to be folded, and the potential for dust to collect in the seams of folded displays, analysts say.

Digitimes report also highlights that the development of flexible OLED panels has entered its second phase, with manufacturers such as LG now looking at displays with a curvature radius of less than 1.0R, with development scheduled to complete in 2019. The company will also begin shipping its foldable displays in mid-2019, analysts say.